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The FRESH 15 supports nonprofit organizations that provide strength, stability and safety for families.

You see it in our store; you’ll see it at the race… being a part of a “family” is deep with the culture of our company. We award funding from the FRESH 15 to groups that exemplifying the strength it takes to support every sense of the term “family” – passion, hope, dignity, belonging, protection are all vital to building lives that truly make a difference.

Every runner counts. Because we give 100% of runner revenue to our nonprofit partners, participants have already left a substantial impact in the lives of families to the tune of more than $350,000 raised in just three short years of running.

The 2016 FRESH 15 race raised over $130,000 for charities. Thank you runners, volunteers and everyone else.

For information about becoming a charity partner with FRESH 15 please email us at

  • March 4, 2017
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