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About Us

FRESH 15 began with the idea of creating an iconic event that would motivate our community and Brookshire Grocery Co. employees to become healthier. With this event comes great pride as we join together to support charity and give back to our community. Unlike other races, we give 100% of race revenue back to non-profit organizations. We also have runners on our race committee who understand the race from an athlete’s perspective and work on FRESH 15 year-round to create something memorable for everyone from the seasoned runner to the kids.

By focusing on the runner, volunteer, and spectator experiences of race day, we hope to make an impact on the lives of those involved to create a healthier, happier community. We firmly believe that motivating someone to get off the couch and move can change their life. This is something we have witnessed and are proud to say that FRESH 15 has done for many people. See our testimonials below for motivational and inspirational stories from a few FRESH 15 runners.

To help our race efforts run efficiently, we have contracted the help of Premier Event Management. PEM, owned and operated by Bill Burke, is America’s preeminent organizer of multi-sport racing and road racing events today. The company was formed in 1993 with its principals having race management experience since the late 1970s.

For information about our race or sponsorship opportunities, please contact

FRESH 15K Road Race
1600 WSW Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701


“I ran the Freshie 1K with my 4-year old grandson today. His Mom ran the 15K. We had a blast. I drove out from Dallas to run it with him. My daughter said pretty much everything was about the race from the time they picked up their race packets earlier in the week until we ran the race. The backpack, the sunglasses, the shirt… he loved it and was so excited about running in the race. And his finisher’s medal will be the subject of this weeks “show and tell”. I’m sure there were lots of things that didn’t go as well as you all might have hoped – but from where we were, it was such a smooth event.

Just wanted to give you some positive feedback. I know it’s a TON of effort to put something like this together – high fives and fist bumps to you all, all the race-day volunteers and all who support you.”

– Dick Rawlings

“I wanted to let you know how much my family enjoys this event. It’s the second year I’ve run the 15K and the first year for my oldest (5yo) to run in the 1K. The little FRESHie race is such a great concept – long enough for the experience, you still get all the cool stuff that goes with a ‘race’, and finishing at the ‘big’ finish area was so exciting for my son. The whole process is smooth – from registration, packet pick up and the race day. It makes it easy to participate and want to do it again the next year.

Also, whoever designs the merchandise is hitting it out of the park. I loved my sweatshirt from last year (bought another one this year.), but unfortunately you sold out of the spirit jersey this year before I purchased it (because it was that cool.). I appreciate the efforts of the Brookshire’s staff and all the volunteers that it takes to pull off the event. Thank you for another great race.”

– Greer Knox

“First of all, I am used to running local events but I am not a global event runner, so this event (last year and this year) have been AMAZING to me. I love the efficiency and organization of every part of the race – from registration to awards. I have never been to anything like it – ever. My husband was able to come this year and he was absolutely blown away by the goodies, the spirit, the support and just general fun atmosphere.

So, many, many thanks for putting on a Superb Event – one that Tyler can be extremely proud of and invite others to without hesitation. Blessings.”

– Sandy Johnson

“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, I did the race last year; was very impressed and this year was no different. Thank you to FRESH by Brookshire’s, and all the Volunteers who made this race a success.”

– Greg LaMay

“The race itself was very well done. The value, swag and staff were amazing. The support from the community was felt along the race course as people lined the course to cheer along the whole course. There were very few, if any, places where you couldn’t see someone ahead to cheer you on. I loved the race course itself. It kept you guessing and looking forward to what was next. The competition present at the race also gave it the feel of a more established or larger race. The presence of sponsored, professional runners made it more fun even if I placed farther back than expected. 15K is also a unique distance. It is an interesting challenge to run 9.3 miles. This was unlike any race I’ve had. Thank you for a great run and experience.”

– Zach Ginnings

“I wanted to let you know that the FRESH races were awesome. I know you worked a ton on putting everything together. My wife and I just moved to Tyler in January, from Syracuse, NY, and that is the best coordinated, planned and ‘put-on’ race I have ever been a part of.”

– Joe Matthew

“Can I just say that this race is impressing the heck out of me? It’s pretty hard to impress me this much with a race because you know how many I do. This shirt is very much like the one I got for my first half marathon from one of the best run races I have ever done. I almost wonder if they are prepping themselves to be a marathon in the future. There’s no question to me that runners are behind this race. It’s like they organized a committee to pick all the great things they wanted in a race and are giving them to us. I am insanely impressed by FRESH 15K. If the actual run is half as good as the stuff before, it will have been worth the long drive and early morning again.”


  • March 3, 2018
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