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About Us

FRESH 15 began with the idea of creating an iconic event that would motivate our community and Brookshire Grocery Co. employees to become healthier. With this event comes great pride as we join together to support charity and give back to our community. Unlike other races, we give 100% of race revenue back to non-profit organizations. We also have runners on our race team who understand the race from an athlete’s perspective and work on FRESH 15 year-round to create something memorable for everyone from the seasoned runner to the kids.

By focusing on the runner, volunteer, and spectator experiences of race day, we hope to make an impact on the lives of those involved to create a healthier, happier community. We firmly believe that motivating someone to get off the couch and move can change their life. This is something we have witnessed and are proud to say that FRESH 15 has done for many people.

Our Race Team

BACK ROW: Jeremy Gray, Andrew Dosser, Sam Anderson, Martin Carter-Mead, Lane Garland, Chase Gilliam, Brent Nelson
MIDDLE ROW: Jennifer Dugie, James Lampin, Casey Hicks, Samantha Robertson, Morgan Countryman, Lisa Boyette, Ashleigh Endicott
FRONT ROW: Rachael Profili, Maddie Teel, Carolyn Langston, Jennifer Reeves

For information about our race or sponsorship opportunities, please contact

FRESH 15K Road Race
1600 WSW Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701