Grilling Made Easy with FRESH

In Texas, grilling is a way of life, but we often save it for the weekend when we have more time to plan and cook. Why wait for the weekend when FRESH does most of the work for you?

Take a quick look around the FRESH market area and you’ll find many grab and go items from meat, seafood and produce. We’ve skewered, marinated and prepped so many delicious choices. All you have to do is turn on the grill and cook. If you have any questions about how long to cook or what’s in the marinade, our market employees are always there to help.

So many great options all in one stop! You can even grab some sides from Chef-Prepared to round out the meal. Coconut jasmine rice, green beans amandine and twice baked potatoes are some of my favorites. I like to add some butter, wrap in foil and reheat on the grill.

Look for some of our favorite grilling items next time you’re shopping the market:

Meat: Bacon-Wrapped Pork Chops, Rib Rattlers (Bacon-Wrapped Ribs), Beef & Pork Kabobs, Short Rib Skewers, Marinated Beef Fajita Skewers, Chicken Skewers, Bacon-Wrapped Skewers, Marinated Chicken Breasts, Cheese-Stuffed Baby Bell Peppers wrapped in Bacon, Ready Made Burgers, Fresh Made Sausage Links, Sausage-Stuffed Jalapenos

Seafood: Crab Cakes, Crab Stuffed Jalapenos, Shrimp Skewers, Seasoned Salmon Filets on Cedar Planks, Crab Legs, Tiger Shrimp, Lobster Tails, Garlic Butter, Cocktail Sauce, Remoulade Sauce and Tartar Sauce

Produce: Stuffed Mushrooms, Precut Zucchini and Squash, Cut Veggie Kits, Veggie Kabobs

Published 6/15/21

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