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Race Etiquette

Before the Heroes Run

1. Show up early. Many roads around the race course are closed and parking close to the event will be limited. You want to allow for plenty of time to warm up and use the restroom if necessary.

2. Pin your race bib on the front of your shirt, not the back. This is not a rodeo and the race photographers won’t be able to identify you. Make sure that your race number is unobstructed by jackets or sweatshirts.

3. Line up in your assigned corral. Slower runners, walkers and those with strollers should move to the back of the group.

  • Lining up in the right spot is not only proper race etiquette, but will help to facilitate a smoother flow of traffic, creating a faster and safer environment for all participants.
  • While it can be tempting to sneak into an earlier corral, starting the race too fast can destroy your pacing strategy and throw off your entire race.
  • The Heroes Run uses chip timing, so don’t worry about the minutes it takes to cross the starting line – your individual clock starts as soon as you pass over the mats located at the starting line and, likewise, ends when you cross the mats at the finish line.

4. If you drop something just as the race starts, don’t stop and pick it up. You’ll endanger yourself and others. Trust that a race official will get it or move to the side and wait until everyone has crossed the starting line and then retrieve it.

And You’re Off!

1. Run or walk no more than two across. If running in a group, avoid forming a fence, especially when the course is crowded. At most, run in pairs. If you’re with a large group, buddy up or form a column to make it easier for others to safely maneuver around you.

2. Be a team player and communicate.

  • Alert pedestrians when you are passing them. Don’t assume they’re aware of your presence. A simple “On your left.” will suffice.
  • Move to the side if someone behind you says, “Excuse me” or “Coming through.”

3. Move over! If you need to take a walk break, retie a shoelace, snap a selfie or stop for any reason, please move to the right side of the course before you stop. People coming up behind you are still moving and if you stop in front of them, the scene is set for a collision.

The Finish

1. Listen and follow the instructions of the volunteers and race officials at the finish. You may be told to stay to the right or to the left based on the distance you’re running.

2. Run all the way across both mats to ensure your chip time is counted and you get your best finisher photo.

3. Don’t stop! Even after you’ve crossed the finish line, keep moving to the end of the finishers chute. Volunteers will be handing out bananas, chocolate milk and water. Moving to the end of the chute will also help prevent a finish line bottleneck.

4. Moderation is key! Enjoy the post-race refreshments and vendor freebies, but remember others (especially the runners finishing after you that paid to be there) want to enjoy the goodies too.