Holidays with Friends, Family & FRESH

This year, the holiday season is extra special. Reconnecting with friends and family and enjoying plenty of time talking, laughing and catching up. And when it comes to time, that’s where FRESH can help. We want to make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy the holidays, visit with your guests and spend less time running around town or standing in the kitchen. FRESH can help in so many different areas to make the holidays easy, stress free and most important – delicious!

Holiday Gifts: Everyone loves food gifts and it’s easy to find some great combinations at FRESH. Place in a basket or gift bag and you have the perfect gift tailored to whatever food or drinks that person likes. A bag of coffee combined with gourmet cookies, English tea with jam and bakery scones, a bottle of wine with chocolates, tropical fruit basket, DIY charcuterie basket, assorted cookies from the bakery or a box of mini desserts. Don’t forget wine, beer, champagne and other fun beverages. I like to create an Italian basket with favorite pasta, sauce, Tuscan bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar or other Italian condiments.

Curbside: Picking up my groceries curbside is always helpful. There have been so many times I don’t have time to run through the store and shop myself and putting in an order the night before has saved my day. Whether it’s for dinner, entertaining or weekly groceries – curbside is always a great idea.

FRESH Catering: Catering is not just for big parties. It can be for small family gatherings, holiday dinners with friends, meetings at the office or something to take to that potluck party. Choose from ham, turkey or beef tenderloin dinners that come with assorted sides and feed 6 to 8 people. Or you can order side dishes, hors d’oeuvres by the dozen, party platters or specialty desserts. Ordering is easy. Simply call the catering department at 903-747-3512 and our staff will help you decide what to order. You can also find the catering guide on the website or in the store.

Floral: A lot of emphasis is put on the food, but during the holidays, but décor is what sets the mood. Pick out a centerpiece arrangement or use small bud vases to show off seasonal color. Design your own floral theme that matches your plates or other holiday decorations. There’s plenty of greenery, arrangements and other inspiring ideas that include produce items. Plants and arrangements are also a great idea for holiday gifts.

Last Minute Meals: Grab & Go items, plus Chef-Prepared can make weeknights so much easier. Whether it’s pizza, tacos, sushi or a casserole, FRESH makes it easy to get dinner on the table during the busiest time of year. It’s also great for last minute entertaining. Make a quick stop at FRESH and you easily grab cut fruit and vegetables, a few cheese and charcuterie items, sushi rolls, chips and dips and you’re ready for a party. We do the thinking for you and everything is ready to grab and go.

Presentation: You can style like a pro with just a few easy garnishes. During the holidays we put more effort into how the table looks or how food is presented. It doesn’t take much to dress up a plate or elevate the look. Use fresh herbs like rosemary, basil, thyme and parsley. Also, from produce, cut lemons, lime, oranges or fruits like cranberries, figs or pomegranate are festive and bright. The general rule is to garnish with something actually in the dish so pick an ingredient that is visually appealing or easy to sprinkle that can be scattered across the dish.

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