Sweet Charcuterie Spread

We all love our charcuterie boards, but this Christmas I can’t wait to surprise guests with sweet versions of everyone’s favorite cheeses served alongside holiday candy, fruit and chocolates. Sweet and salty is such a satisfying combination and it’s easy to do with all the specialty cheeses available at FRESH.

During the holidays, FRESH has several cheeses infused fruit, spices, alcohol and chocolate. The Clawson English cheese has White Stilton with mango or cranberries and Wensleydale with blueberries or cranberries. Also look for goat cheese logs flavored with cinnamon, honey, vanilla, blueberries or cranberries. Brie is another good choice because you can top it with pepper jelly, fig jam or another fruit sauce. Another favorite of mine is blue cheese topped with honey and candied pecans or walnuts. Aged cheeses include hard cheddars with rinds washed in red wine, raspberry ale or whiskey.  Available with Italian cheese is a chocolate mascarpone that would be delicious with strawberries or banana chips.

To go with the cheese, look for crackers that are sweet and savory. A plain cracker is also nice to have when a cheese is pungent or topped with a sauce. Or use wafer cookies to dip into the chocolate mascarpone or a sweetened cream cheese. Garnish the platter with fruits like strawberries, pineapple, grapes, apple slices, dried apricots and figs. And then fill in the gaps with dipped pretzels, chocolate covered strawberries, macarons, peppermint bark, fudge bites, chocolate truffles, and Christmas candy. It’s the perfect way to add color, sparkle and a bit of edible décor to your sweet charcuterie spread.

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