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Chocolate, steak, shrimp, cheese, wine, flowers – do I really have to choose? At FRESH there are so many ways to show you care on Valentine’s Day. You’re sure to find something for everyone on almost every aisle.

Celebrate with friends by creating a Valentine’s evening filled with charcuterie and wine. It’s easy to do and a lot of fun to find an assortment of great items to include in the spread. Here are a few tips on organizing all your favorite accompaniments.

Find a large cutting board or platter big enough for your gathering. You can also spread parchment or butcher paper over a table and use that as your surface.

Pick 4 to 5 large items – blocks of cheese, circle of brie or bowl of dip, bunch of grapes or plate of cookies – to be the anchors on the board. Randomly place these items on the board as the central focus of the arrangement. Once you’ve decided on placement, remove the blocks of cheese and slice into chunks. Leave the rind intact to keep the shape and place back on the board with the slices.

Fill in around the anchor items with other smaller items – a pile of nuts/dried fruit, a row of folded salami, stack of cookies/crackers or squares of chocolate.

Make it festive by adding candy or cookies that are red, pink and white. Grab some chocolate-covered strawberries from the bakery or mini desserts to add to a platter or gill in the gaps.

Drizzle honey over one of the cheeses. Grab a jar of pepper jelly or fig jam to serve over brie or a wedge of blue cheese.

Don’t forget to grab an assortment of red, white and sparkling wines. If you need recommendations, you can look for wines labeled FRESH Finds or consult the Wine Club on Another wine aisle idea is to purchase 4 packs of mini sparkling wine, arrange in a large ice bucket and serve with Valentine’s straws.

If you’re planning a couple’s dinner, you can never go wrong with steaks or filets from the market. Add some Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Charred Asparagus, Grilled Shrimp and green salad from Chef-Prepared and you’ll have a great meal that’s sure to impress.

Complete your décor with fresh flowers and a delicious assortment of mini desserts from the bakery. Create a sample platter of small cheesecakes, cupcakes, eclairs, fruit tarts, macaron cookies, brownie bites and raspberry bars.

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